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ReSold Auction Services

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Resold Auction Services

Resold Auction believes in a total value approach. Some items are best for EBay, such as smaller, higher-end items. Some are better suited for Craigslist. The majority we find are best suited for K-Bid on-line auction. We have been involved with on-line auctions since the late 90's. We consistently monitor several websites on a daily basis to keep current with trends and anomalies. With this knowledge we are able to assess values and advise venue options.


On-line Auction

K-Bid is the number one choice for selling a majority of items. K-Bid is a true auction format, easy structure and a defined timeline. K-Bid began in 2004 as a single auction site, in the Minneapolis Metro area. Today K-Bid has in excess of 260,000 registered bidders. The bulk being from Minnesota and adjacent states.


On-line Auction

EBay is the number one world-wide audience auction site. We have shipped to EBay buyers in Australia, Greenland, Germany and Spain to name a few. EBay has changed over the years and currently has more features than in years past. Here items of more sensitive values may be best sold. EBay items time frames can range from one day to indefinite, depending on choices, options and costs.